ODK Green Mint Syrup ODK - 糖漿系列 - 綠薄荷糖漿

ODK Green Mint Syrup ODK - 糖漿系列 - 綠薄荷糖漿

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ODK 綠薄荷糖漿具有明顯、新鮮和濃鬱的味道。由於這種風味濃度的特徵,應精確計量,以便為您的飲料添加均衡的新鮮度。它是最著名的雞尾酒莫吉託中留蘭香的理想替代品。

• 不含麩質
• 存放在陰涼乾燥處
• 容量:750毫升


ODK Green Mint Syrup has an unmistakable, fresh and intense flavor. Due to this characteristic concentration of flavor, it should be dosed precisely to add a balanced note of freshness to your drinks. It is the ideal substitute for spearmint in leaf in the most famous of cocktails, the mojito.

Product Features:
• Gluten Free & Vegan
• Staple flavour with vibrant colour
• Store in cool, dry place
• Ideal for use in smoothies, mocktails, iced tea and desserts
• Volume: 750ml